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Is Performance Coaching Right For You? Here's How To Tell.

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Performance coaching can be a great way to unlock your maximum potential and take your career or life goals to the next level, if it is right for you. Understand what performance coaching involves and how to tell if it's right for you in order to achieve success.

Assess Your Commitment Level to Personal Growth

Performance coaching is all about you personal growth and development. Before committing to performance coaching, assess how dedicated you are to taking stock of yourself, examining potential shortcomings and challenges, and ultimately attempting to address the areas in which you want to improve. In order for performance coaching to be successful, you need to be willing and open to growth.

Questions to ask yourself:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do I want to improve?

What areas do I want to improve on?

Reflect on Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

Reflecting on what your necessary goals and desired outcomes are can help you make sure that performance coaching is right for you. Evaluating why you need to be pushed and become better at what it is that you do will provide clarity and understanding. This reflection of your personal growth will equip you with the knowledge to determine if performance coaching is right aligned with where you want to go in life.

Questions to ask yourself:

How will my life change when I reached this goals?

How will I feel and think about myself?

How will my loved ones be affected by this?

Understand What Performance Coaching Can Offer You

Performance coaching can offer a number of unique benefits that may needed to support your success. When exploring a performance coach, research their specialties, services and experience in providing quality and effective results. Also look into how they provide guidance, consolation and push you further to reach new heights in your professional career or personal life. By understanding the value of performance coaching you can determine if this form of development is right for you.

Please consider Performance coaching is about Performance. It is the most useful thing to do if you want the quickest route from A to B (B being the desired outcome situation).

In my experience people sometimes want to supercharge their performance for the wrong reasons: they feel unhappy about themselves, suppress emotional trauma or don't know who they actually are and what they need to do in their live. Does some of this apply to you? Performance coaching is not impossible then, but will require more depth since chances are your performance and improvement will be hold back by limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. Sometimes a different form of coaching is better, or you might even consider seeing a therapist who is also into performance, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Consider How Experienced the Coach Is

It is important to select a performance coach that brings value and experience to the table. Look for someone who offers real life experiences and understanding in their field of expertise (in other words: has done it himself - or herself). Evaluating their level of certifications, specialties, published work, testimonials from former clients, and background can be helpful in deciding if this person will offer the solutions you need. Performance coaches with years of professional success have deeper insight into the challenges their clients may face.

The Performance coaching we offer is especially suitable for entrepreneurs, business leaders and high-performers in need of more depth. For instance because they carry emotional burdens and traumas, do not just wish to perform better but also grow in a more conscious human being or need specific therapeutic expertise on trauma, narcissism, giftedness or high sensitivity. Please apply for a free videocall if that resonates with you.

Dirk Jan Versluis (MM, MSc) is psychologist and executive coach and specializes in the integral psychology of trauma, leadership and top performance (more information).