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Trauma as a breeding ground for growth and success

Jan 02, 2023

When we write and speak about trauma in entrepreneurs and we relate it to personal growth and business success, we can usually expect a lot of enthusiasm and recognition, but also some skepticism.

Trauma is terrible, isn't it? Should you relate that to the business world and the psychological mindsets associated with growth and success?

Wouldn't you be better off getting rid of waiting lists in mental health care?

And who are you to call yourself a specialist in this field? Wouldn't it be better to process your own traumas first?

Trauma with leaders and entrepreneurs

To begin with, the intersection of trauma, leadership and business performance is unexplored territory with us in the Netherlands. Of course numerous entrepreneurs and business people end up in psychotherapy or psychological treatment, but the starting point is the health complaint. A true integration of traces of trauma as a building block for personal and business growth is rare or even completely non-existent.

That is why our work is naturally specialized and we can easily call ourselves the number 1 specialist in the Integral Psychology of Trauma, Leadership and Performance. Not necessarily: we're the best (who knows). But in our Dutch situation we are the first.

Leadership and Trauma

Trauma among entrepreneurs and business leaders is not uncommon. The boardroom can be a snake pit, successes are often built on great struggles - and especially when things are going well, a lot comes at you and great pressure and personal crisis are no stranger to anyone. Not even the apparently powerful and successful entrepreneur.

Leadership development and executive coaching are increasingly emphasizing Personal Leadership but there is limited space for what makes us feel shame, powerlessness and brokenness.

Yet it is precisely in this area that there are great opportunities for inner growth and personal development, and a unique opportunity to develop the Inner Leadership that reflects on your personal life, your business results and the crucial skills that key leadership thinkers such as Marshall Goldsmith believe are essential to make a difference at the highest level.

Are you such an entrepreneur or director and do you recognize the traces of trauma, brokenness and destructive patterns in your life?

Contact us without any obligation! Awareness of trauma as a concept linked to leadership and entrepreneurship is still scarce, and the potential gains are great.

Dirk Jan Versluis (MM, MSc) is psychologist and executive coach and specializes in the integral psychology of trauma, leadership and top performance (more information).